Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restaurant Week and a need for greenery

Restaurant Week in Boston is coming up, and I've settled on doing T.W. Food and Dante. I would like to check out Lala Rokh, but I don't think it's normally priced highly enough for this to be considered a "steal." Either way, I really really want to do T.W. because the menu features a 70-min poached egg, and y'all should know that I really really really love raw egg yolks!

So I'm not supposed to go grocery shopping until tomorrow, but I'm sick and I feel like I'm in need of some greenery. Maybe I'll get just produce for today and do the rest tomorrow? I'm totally tempted to get Mediterranean stuffs from Sevan Bakery and duck/goose fat from Savenor's.

I'm also trying to come up with recipes to try before planning a dinner party of sorts ...


  1. Interesting, I just made panna cotta last night for dessert. =)

  2. i went to dante for lunch two years ago. not bad :)

    i def recommend lala rokh just on some normal evening! always very yummy!! :)