Monday, February 23, 2009

Challenge update

Alright, I guess the challenge isn't quite working the way I'd hope. No, I didn't go grocery shopping (though I was tempted when I checked out Sevan Bakery and when I took people grocery shopping a couple times). Yes, I did use what I had in the fridge and pantry, but I think I cooked only once. All other meals either were from eating out or were cooked by friends.

Thursday--Alvin had a bad day, so I treated him to a sushi dinner at Genki Ya.

Friday--I ate two oranges and an avocado for dinner because I had to rush out for small group, so I got more food at Cafe Luna afterwards.

Saturday--The roomie made us oatmeal for breakfast, then I steamed chicken and rice for lunch (the only time I cooked the whole weekend). Fondue for dinner at a friends place.

Sunday--Lunch is always provided at Mosaic (church), and dinner was graciously provided by the other roomie and friends even though I didn't expect to be included.

Monday--Alvin cooked. :P

And right now, I'm tempted to grab something at Panera. I already had a bowl of cereal from my stash, but it's not lasting me and I refuse to eat cereal twice in a day!

On a side note, I originally planned on taking Alvin to Mr. Sushi, but I picked a pretty random parking spot along Harvard St. We walked one way to find the place, but then realized that we went 1-2 blocks North when we should've gone South. However, when walking past my car on the opposite side of the street, I realized that I had parked RIGHT in front of Genki Ya without seeing it. We were going for sushi anyway, so why not just check out the place in front of which I unintentionally "landed"?

It was a pretty good gamble. We got four rolls, three of which we liked. Overall, the fish ain't so great--it's all pretty bland. That being said, the Triple Torch was kinda salty-soggy, I liked the Spicy Scallop roll and the Boston Flower roll, and Alvin liked some sort of tuna concoction w/ flying fish tobiko on top of rice that's wrapped and fried in seaweed. I don't remember the name.

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