Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Car woes + preferable treatment

I've had my (twice used) car for about 2.5 months now, and I'm finally taking care of some mechanical problems that have come up around a month ago. Alvin and I have feared that it's the transmission--it sounds like the highest gear I can get to is only the 3rd because it gets pretty loud the faster I go.

However, thanks to the guys at Meineke in Brighton, I'm getting a missing bearing replaced first because it may not be the transmission at all. If it's just the bearing, then it'll be about $350. If it's the transmission, who knows! I'm crossing my fingers.

The guys at Meineke are super nice, too. The service manager had me ride in the car while he test drove it, so that we can talk about what we're hearing and feeling. They also gave me a ride back to work, which is helpful. I don't know though ... I always tend to get good service at auto repair shops, even if others don't. No one even attempts to upsell me anything. Is it because I know where to go or because I know exactly what I want done? Or is it because I'm "cute"?

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