Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pantry-Item Ice Cream Flavors!

I find it fascinating (and fantastic) that many trending ice cream flavors circulate around common pantry items. A big one lately would be olive oil (which I got to try at Otto, Mario Batali's pizzeria in NYC). There are others that have been around for a while but aren't commonplace ice cream parlor types: burnt sugar, khulfi, etc. As someone who gets tired of things quickly, I'm more than happy to try these flavors out.

Anyway, point is ... Joy got a few of our friends together to put on a "homemade ice cream social" this coming Saturday, and I haven't been able to decide on what to make. Of course I want to bring something unusual but tasty enough that I won't have any leftover to bring home, but then I found 4-6 different flavors I want to try, and I can't decide on which one/s to bring!

My solution for this is to make a different flavor every day this week and bring the one or two I think is best. The flavors I've chosen also happen to focus mostly around pantry items: olive oil, honey, and balsamic ... hence this post. I got to thinking last night that it'd be interesting to do a "cracked pepper" or "chili/cayenne" flavor as well. I wonder if anyone has tried it before?

Now, I haven't really had a successful ice cream yet. My last coffee one turned out to be rock-hard. The blueberry sour cream one I made yesterday was pretty hard as well, but that was forgiveable since it was served in the form of ice cream cake.

So, hopefully, the honey ice cream batter that's currently sitting in the fridge will turn out better. Maybe I should churn it for longer??