Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk"

If any of you know Rufus Wainwright, then you probably know his song about addictions and cravings (as mentioned in the title). If you don't know him, then I say you should check out this (eccentric) crooner.

Anyway, the point of the post is ...

I'm addicted to breve latte's. Also, thanks to my roommate, I know to order it extra hot at Starbucks. Now my standard drink is a tall/grande extra hot breve latte. (I would add "no foam" as well, but I hear that's really hard to do with half and half.)

But I really gotta stop ordering breve lattes for two reasons:
  • It's terribly fatty. And the numbers in the link are for a 12oz!!
  • It costs more.
I told Alvin that I really gotta stop ordering breve latte's because I've seen a change in tummy size since I started drinking them; however, I just discovered that the Panera near work won't charge extra for half & half!!! That's a total of $3.14 including tax for a cup equivalent to SBUX's grande, but is around the same cost as a tall.

I guess that tummy of mine will just have to compromise size for TASTE 'cause I can't give up this drink just yet!

In other news, I've been sick with a cold for the past week. It kind of explains why I haven't felt like posting. Besides, why would you want to hear me talk about being sick when you're probably sick yourself? Anyway, I haven't had much to say until today ... because I found out that I have a small case of pink eye. Eek? My coworker thinks I should go home, but I've taken off too much time from work to take any more off.

Another find of the day: my Rhapsody account is online! I just found out a couple days ago that my Rhapsody software has erased everything from my personal library, and I was slightly horrified. However, today I see that my entire library is accessible from the Rhapsody website! This means that I can use my Rhapsody account without installing the offline software, which I think is fantastic.

Also, the BCNC fundraising banquet was this past Friday, and I believe it went well! It feels good to see rich people throw their hands in the air to increase the bid on live auction items. Why? Because I like to believe that they really want to support the Chinatown community, enough to spend over a thousand Washington's without hesitation for something that doesn't normally cost that much.

(Oh, if you didn't know, I volunteer for BCNC by participating on the marketing committee. I love it because it's a great way to use my college degree for a non-profit, and at the same time, I gain marketing experience and learn from experienced marketers on the committee.)

Wow ... that was a super long post. I find it so hard to write on just ONE topic!

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