Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Next "Ambitious" Undertaking

I signed up to bring lunch for church this Sunday, and I think I'll take care of it by myself 'cause it's (somehow) easier ... don't ask how, it just is. I practically made the past few lunches by myself anyway, and it does force me simplify the menu.

I plan on making ...
  • kalua pig (rub w/ red clay salt and liquid smoke, then leave in slow cooker--easy!)
  • rice and buns (to be bought for anyone inclined to treat the kalua pig like shredded pork)
  • stir fried cabbage (simple ... it's actually supposed to be mixed with the pig, but I'm keeping it separate for the vegetarians.)
  • macaroni salad (I'm obviously going for the Hawaiian theme here ... besides, I just need to cut, boil and mix.)
  • tofu "poke" (for the vegetarians and the wannabes. We'll have enough meat, as is.)
  • hurricane popcorn (to make on hand in case there's not enough food!)
See? Not so ambitious after all! Well, it'll be a lot of cutting, but the "cooking" is pretty hands off.

Now I'm craving hurricane popcorn ...

Success! People kept coming back for seconds of the kalua pork that I ended up having only cabbage and mac salad as leftovers for work. I'll have to make it again for The Boy and friends. I did, however, help a friend make it for a work lunch, and I shall have to ask her how it turned out.

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