Friday, April 17, 2009

Interpret This

My dreams last night were utterly random. They made sense in a way, but still very random.

Some elements from last night:
  • shrimp in random tupperware,
  • kids on the street throwing a rock at a friend,
  • going to a conference on the wharf as a boondoggle/junket (which is what The Boy is doing right now in FL!!! jealous),
  • realizing my company doesn't know I went to the conference, thus creating a dilemma,
  • a hamster that freaked me out because of its scampering,
  • walking home in heels from The Boy's place, and
  • a homeless man sleeping the night at a cafe.
So, I also dream in color, which really isn't that uncommon. But my question today is ... do you TASTE food in dreams? 'Cause I tried eating the aforementioned shrimp, and it was RANCID.

1 comment:

  1. I've never tasted anything in my dreams. Why would you eat shrimp in random tupperware?