Wednesday, April 8, 2009

France > Yonne > Tonnerre

I finally found the town I visited during my exchange program! It took me a loonnggg time to remember or figure out the name of the town since I went when I was fresh out of junior high. I knew it started with a "T" and that it was in the l'Yonne province (because it sounds similar to "Lyon"). However, because my sister once worked in Torrance, all I could think was "To--rrance?" It was something similar. And now I've found it: Tonnerre.

Seeing pictures of the place through is so fantastic. I remember walking around an overgrown, mossy pool, walking through the town streets by myself, the view of the town from the Catholic church up on the hill, and field trips with the exchange group in a historic hospital while developing a crush on one of the guys.

I wrote a short script based on this trip for a screenwriting class, and it sums up my experience there pretty well (even though it had a small element of fiction in there). A few of the "awkward" scenes even elicited a good chuckle from the class, most of which was unfortunately something that actually happened!

I'm a bit tempted to re-visit someday, and maybe even seek out the family I stayed with while there. Anyone wanna come with?

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