Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thrown Back into the Fire that is Manual ...

Here's a quick recap of round two of driving manual (alone!) ... and yes, this time the assignment was more difficult:
  • The Boy needed someone to re-park his car (a Subaru WRX) to the other side of the road while he was away. Street cleaning was the reason.
  • WRX was currently sandwiched between two cars.
  • The Boy's roommate knows how to drive stick, but couldn't move it 'cause he doesn't have a license in the States. I'm the opposite. We made the worst combination. He stayed in the apartment while I went out to attempt the impossible by myself.
  • I propped a pillow in front of the car that's behind the WRX.
  • Going backwards actually went smoothly. I had perfect control with the reverse gear.
  • But I stalled going forward while trying to get out of the spot.
  • People were walking by.
  • Cars were driving by.
  • I got over my embarrassment.
  • I stalled about 5 more times before I finally got out of the spot.
  • Continued to roll forward (still in 1st gear) and made a clean U-turn into a perfect parking spot behind a line of cars.
That's all ...

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