Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting a Handle on Burmese: Mohinga

It's been a while, huh? Well I don't have much time to elaborate, but I decided to try making a couple Burmese dishes: mohinga and curry chicken noodle (shwe-taung). Both are noodle dishes, and I know I've tried one, but I don't know which one! Basically, I'm making these dishes rather blindly, without much of a clue as to how it's actually supposed to turn out.

So tonight, I attempted mohinga. Shwe-taung will have to come later. To accompany this post, I have pictures rather than a recipe (but maybe I'll get around to including that later).

Gotta love "fresh" noodles. I think I just love the feel of flour and soft loose noodles!

Ground up most of the ingredients, then made a paste of it.

Fried the paste, then tossed in cooked fish. It's supposed to be catfish, but I couldn't find any at the Korean/Japanese store I went to. What you see here is monkfish.

End result! I ended up using a cup of fish broth for the base (I like soupy noodles), added some of the gravy (which I didn't show .. it's basically fish stock, corn starch and mashed chick peas), then topped with egg, limes and cilantro.

Overall? Not bad! If this is the comfort food of Burma/Myanmar, then I've been comforted.